It’s time to shift – not shrink

Mar 17, 2020

Let’s be clear – your clients need you more now than ever.

We are all a little freaked out as we navigate these unprecedented times. You may be concerned for the health of your loved ones. You may be dealing with changes in schedule and kids now at home (our schools closed this weekend through to the fall, I’m right there with you).

You may be worried about your own business. Your clients may be freaking out as well.

In times of uncertainty it’s easy to shrink. To pull back. To think that the answer is to wait and see what happens.

But business doesn’t stop.

Things may change. What your clients want from you this week may be very different than what they wanted from you even a week ago.Priorities and goals are shifting. Some things may slow down. Other things will speed up.How we market and connect with people may be different.

I’m going to share more throughout the coming weeks – around how we can navigate these uncertain times – but for now a few things to keep in mind.

  • Listen. Pay attention to what people around you are struggling with. What do they need help with NOW that you might be able to assist with? Pay attention in particular to things that you’ve maybe never thought of offering but could. (I’ve seen SOOO many people trying to figure out this ‘working online’ thing this past weekend… whereas some of us have worked this way for years. Hmmm)
  • Be willing to brainstorm ideas and solutions. Even if you aren’t being paid to do that brainstorming – the ones who bring the solutions now are the ones who will be paid to implement them (This is about getting paid more on the back-end vs. the front end)
  • Look for ways to collaborate and bring in your fellow experts. Have a client who suddenly needs to take all of her in-person events online? Find someone who can help setup all the tech for that vs. feeling like you have to learn it and do it all yourself.

There are no clear answers at the moment and things are going to keep changing in the coming weeks and months. Let’s stick together. Stay connected. Be creative.


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