What is the difference between an OBM and a COO/Integrator?

Feb 28, 2020

The short answer is they can essentially be the same thing depending on the needs of the business (different titles are often used for similar roles).

And there are a few key distinctions:

The role of the OBM is to make sure the right things (planning), get done in the right way (systems), at the right time (project management) by the right people (team management). The specialty of this role is to navigate the early 6-7 figure journey for online/virtual based businesses.

The COO/Integrator role generally brings a few more things into the mix, including responsibility for overall business strategy (how are we going to reach the vision?), HR, legal and profitability. This generally kicks in more around the early 7-figure stage when the business needs a more full-time, dedicated person in this role.

Know what your business needs and hire the right person for the role <— that’s what matters most

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