Boss or Leader

Feb 13, 2020

A Leader ASKS

Consider this…

Someone comes to you and says “Do this. I need it now. And it has to be done this way”…

vs. someone saying to you “I am looking for help with X – is this something you can help with? Great! I’m in a bit of a time crunch, could you do it by X time? Do you need anything from me to make it happen?”

How does each scenario make you feel? Who are you more likely to help, and want to help again in the future?

Being TOLD what to do puts up our defenses – it disconnects us and can leave us feeling unempowered and disrespected.

Being ASKED engages us and strengthens the connection – we feel more empowered and that our input is being valued.

As leaders we have an opportunity everyday to strengthen the connection with our team members. The stronger the connection, the more we accomplish together.

Be a boss or be a leader. We get to choose each day with our actions and how we show up.


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