Where do you stop? 

Nov 3, 2019

After 1 time? 3 times? 10 times?

On a podcast I was listening to recently the speaker shared a statistic that diets are way more likely to be successful after the 7th time of trying it. That each time a person tries a diet, they are developing and strengthening neural pathways that at a certain point become natural. They become habit. And that is when a person is more likely to find success.

The other side of this coin means that the first 6 times will feel like a failure! <— and that’s the rub. That’s the hard part.

How does this show up for us in business?

When I look back over the history of my business, there are countless times where I tried something once or twice and thought “oh well, that didn’t work… what’s next?” And then I moved on to the next thing hoping it would be “it”.

From this perspective I can’t help but wonder – what would be possible if I tried 5 more times? What would become solid? What kind of momentum would be created with this ongoing attention and effort?

If I was to go back in time and change anything in my business this would be one of the things I would change. There are things I would have stuck with longer. I would have kept going past that 2nd or 3rd time when it easy to quit. #keepingitreal

The bigger question to ask ourselves is this:

Am I willing to keep going when the going gets tough?

When I get meager (or no) results? When I have to do things I don’t like doing. When I feel disappointed that “it didn’t work again”?

When we say YES to that question – a full on, deep down, “scared shitless but I’m going to do it anyways” kind of yes… then all things are possible.



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