The big eek!

Oct 24, 2019

One of the things we talked about on our Intersection call last week was the big ‘Eeek!’

And how one of the ways we know we are tapping into our zone of genius – our calling – is that it comes with some Eeek! attached to it.

It feels scary. Risky. It might even feel downright terrifying.

Why is the big Eeek! a part of this process?

There are a couple of reasons:

1) Our resistance/ego is triggered when we come face to face with our calling – and it is going to stir up ALLLL our stuff. All our worries, doubts and fears. All the reasons why it won’t work and “have you lost your mind?”

The role of our ego is to keep us where we are at – because the KNOWN is safe to the ego (even when it’s not desired.) And boy oh boy can our egos kick up a stink! Imagine they are fighting to the death to keep you where you are at… it can feel that extreme.

And yet, the ego doesn’t really have power over us when we shift our focus to spirit. The more we build our spirit muscle, the less power ego has over us. ?

2) Our calling matters. Deeply. And tapping into our zone of genius brings us face to face with the deepest part of ourselves. Our truth.

Part of the lure of the zone of excellence is that it doesn’t really matter that much – that’s part of the ‘trap’ that keeps us there.

“Oh well, if this doesn’t work out it’s not that big of a deal. I’ll find something else.” <– that’s how you know you are in zone of excellence.

When this clicked for me my zone of genius became SO much clearer… because it scared the crap out of me!

I ran from that for a long time (years). Until I embraced the fact that there is no way to step into our zone of genius without the big Eeek! Without feeling like I might want to barf some days.

There is no way to step into the zone of genius and bring our ‘control freak’ nature with us. The part of us that wants to lay out a plan, see all the steps and wrap their arms around every variable, so that it doesn’t feel so risky.

Stepping into this space requires faith in the unknown and the unseen.

It requires support for WHO we are – people who are also on this journey and have our back. Who are there to remind us of our truth and that all is well.

I’m putting together a small group to explore this space and walk this path together. To navigate YOUR intersection of spirit and business – would you like to join us?



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