The rule of 3

It takes at least 3 times of ‘doing’ something before you get it right. Before you figure it out. Before the pieces come together.

You need to work with at least 3 clients before you get clear on who your ideal client is (and isn’t!) Before you understand what you love to do most.

You need to deliver that new package at least 3 times before you land on what exactly to include and what to charge for it. To find the stuff that’s missing, the things that take longer than you thought they would.

You need to do that training program at least 3 times before you land on the final version. The one that includes everything important and that you know gets results for your clients.

We think that we are supposed to get it right the first time around. 

That our first client should be the ‘right’ client.

That we shouldn’t run into any snags the first time we deliver on a new package.

That our training program should be perfect the first time around.

It is RARELY right the first time. And putting that pressure on ourselves can mean either:

  • working so hard to to get it right that we end up not doing anything at all
  • beating ourselves up when we don’t get it right the first time around, and giving up after that

All we can do in the beginning of any new project, offering or service is do our best, learn and improve. So long as we stay committed to the journey – and give ourselves the freedom to mess up a bit along the way – we will ultimately land where we want to be.