When you aren’t getting the results you want

Jul 16, 2019

“The best way to know what you are thinking is to look at your results” – Brooke Castillo

Pause for a moment on that.

If our thinking creates our results – then what are your results telling you about your thoughts? 

If you think that you can’t find enough clients, then you won’t find enough clients.

If you think that no one will pay your higher rates, then you will struggle to get to a yes with your higher rates.

If you want to hire but secretly think that no one can do it as well as you, then you won’t find anyone who can do it as well as you.

I’ve coached hundreds of service providers in the past 10 years and I know this to be true.

It ALL starts with our thoughts.

I’ve had clients tell me all the reasons they can’t/won’t achieve their goals and they are often proven right. Until we tweak their thinking.

And I’ve had clients create goals that seemed almost impossible given their current situations, but because they believed it was possible they made it happen.

I’ve seen a person charge $20/hr and another person charge $120/hr for the exact same thing.

I’ve seen people tolerate clients who aren’t a fit for them for years, while others find amazing clients seemingly overnight.

It’s easy to think they have “something special” or just “got lucky”. Nope.

They just think differently than those who aren’t getting the same result.

Our thoughts lead our actions which create our results. If our thoughts are misaligned with what we desire our actions will be misaligned (or non-existent) and we won’t see results.

What are your results telling you about your thoughts?

And what needs to change in order to get different results?

Highly recommend listening to the episode of Brooke’s The Life Coach School podcast called Results Truth – it’s a doozy! In a good way.



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