my 3 favorite things to do in the summer

Jun 25, 2019

Ahhhh yes… summer. This is the last week of school for my girls so our summer ‘season’ officially starts this Friday.

There are 3 things I like to focus on during this time of year as I juggle family time and down time with the ongoing needs of the business.

1) Catch Up – this is a great time to year to catch up on all the little (and sometimes big!) things that have been hanging out on our to-do lists. I like to start with the oldest stuff on my list and work my way backwards…. I either get it done, or let it go. My goal is to start September with a clean slate so I am ready to rock the busy fall season.

2) Clean Up – every summer we choose one or two clean up projects. It could be updating an old website, or clearing out all of our old contacts out of Infusionsoft (which we just did this week and it feels SOOO nice!) Talk to your team about getting their help here – chances are they have a list of things that they want to tackle already!

3) Charge-Up – what are you doing to take care of YOU? To recharge your batteries this summer so you are able to dive into the fall busy season with a full tank? This could be as simple as a daily walk, or weekly dinner out with a friend. Or how about a legit ‘no work allowed’ vacation? Maybe even a ‘no kids allowed’ trip? (I’m going to Sedona in August WITHOUT my kids… can’t wait 😉

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?



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