Ego metrics

Jan 31, 2019

I was listening to Ali Brown’s most recent podcast and she was talking about the idea of ‘ego metrics’ and how easy it is to go off track measuring the wrong things in our business.

Ego metrics are those things that make us look good to the outside world, but don’t necessarily reflect the success and health of our businesses. Things like:

  • Revenue numbers – I don’t care how much money you make, how much do you keep? Are you paying yourself consistently? Are you behind on your taxes? That 5-6-7 figure launch could quickly lose it’s shine when you realize how much of that money could be going right back out the door again. #profitfirst baby
  • Social media likes – you may see someone with a lot of followers on their profile, page or group but how engaged are they with their content? Are they the right people for the business? It’s not hard to get big numbers on social media these days but that doesn’t guarantee success. I was listening to a Facebook expert recently who has just over 1000 people in a group and has turned down about 9000 more who requested to join. Why? Because she only allows those who are a fit to join her group and doesn’t care about the ego metrics of “I have thousands in my Facebook group”… and she’s built a highly successful business from that ‘small’ group
  • Luxury lifestyle photos – expensive cars, fancy mansions and trips around the world can give us the impression that someone is living an amazing life and we can do the same! But how far in debt is that person? Do they own that house/car or was it rented for a photo shoot that day? Nor does it represent what real life looks like as an entrepreneur… often giving the impression that our lives are supposed to look this way. HA! I was joking online recently with someone that I’m going to do a ‘glamour shoot’ of me and my Hyundai Santa Fe – driving the kids to school in my gym clothes, wind in my hair. 😉

Don’t be afraid to question the things that people share online as it may not reflect the truth of their success.

And always track the things that matter in our businesses – profit, leads, conversions, client satisfaction, freedom, etc. <– This is where real success is created. 

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