How to stop micromanaging

Jan 29, 2019

“Tina, I know I’m micromanaging my team but I just can’t seem to stop – I’m driving both them and myself nutty. Help!”

There are two main reasons why we micro-manage:

1) We don’t TRUST that the work will be done right and on time

Your business is your baby – and if you don’t yet have trust in the people you’ve hired to take care of your baby, it’s pretty hard to let go!

What creates trust in a team?

  • Knowing that the work is done right – this is about being clear in your REQUESTS and having solid SYSTEMS in place. 

    Are you being as clear as possible in what you are asking your team to deliver? Anytime we are unclear in our requests we leave room for assumptions – and their assumption often won’t match your expectation.  Have you laid out a clear process for the things you want done ‘your way’? When you have standards for what you want things to look like be sure to lay out a clear process w/templates – so that they can follow the process vs. making up their own. 

  • Making sure it’s done on time – this is about AGREEMENT and ACCOUNTABILITY

    Give a deadline for all requests and make sure they are in agreement – many business owners forget this piece and then wonder why it’s not being done, when the team member didn’t realize there was a deadline or they didn’t agree to the deadline. And accountability is simply about checking in once the agreement is made to ensure tasks are being completed on time. And if not, then you know there is a breakdown occurring somewhere. 

2) We don’t know what our new role is!

This one was a biggie for me when I started expanding my team, in particular when I hired my first OBM back in 2010. Being great at her job she was clearing my plate, but I was left wondering what the heck I was supposed to be doing instead! I was used to being the one to do it all, to swoop in and save the day but I was no longer needed there… it was an identity crisis that I wasn’t prepared for. 

Expanding your team means redefining your own role – this can be confusing and challenging. Shifting from DOER to LEADER it is a whole other way of working, and when we aren’t clear on what that looks like or are afraid of stepping into the leadership role we can easily slip back into doing what we used to do. Like a well worn pair of shoes, we find ourselves slipping back into doing what is known and comfortable… even when we aren’t supposed to be doing it anymore. 

Perhaps you can relate

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