Are you hiring to the task or the vision?

Nov 23, 2018

There are two different ways to approach hiring.

You can hire to the TASK.

Or you can hire to the VISION.

When you hire to the task you – and the person you hire – are focused on WHAT needs to be done. On the specifics. The nitty-gritty. The stuff.

When you hire to the vision you are focused on the WHY. The bigger picture. Bringing the pieces together.

Traditional hiring is very task focused. Create a description of the role. Find someone who has those skills. Hire them and manage them to make sure stuff gets done.

Vision based hiring takes it to another level.

It’s about first being crystal clear on the vision of your business. Why you are doing what you do. Who you are impacting.

And first looking to find people who CONNECT with your vision. People who are aligned with the mission and excited about the possibilities.

Then looking at tasks of the role, and either hiring to the needed skillset OR being open to training someone to the role. (I’m a huge fan of training someone up into a role when they are aligned to the vision and bring the enthusiasm and energy we are looking for.)

When you hire to the vision you hire people who CARE.

Who care about whether or not things get done, because they see the bigger picture and know their part in it. They are willing to go the extra mile when needed. To look at additional ways to support at a higher level.

They bring the best of who they are to the table, because they are plugged into something that matters.

This is the kind of team that rises up and makes a real difference in the world.

This is the heart of my new book Hire Up – where I’m exploring the impact of connection & collaboration in teams.

All things are possible when we come together. Work together. Laugh together. Create together.

Wouldn’t you agree?


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