Feeling restless…

Nov 20, 2018

I get it. I’ve been feeling restless too.

Feeling like there is something more that I’m being called to. Another level of LEADERSHIP. Another level of service.

Feeling like I have so much more to give. Tapping into my GENIUS work and really getting to own my gifts. My natural talents.

Feeling like I want more CONNECTION. More collaboration. Tired of being the ‘lone wolf’ in my business.

Even feeling a bit frustrated – and I daresay bored – at times with what I’m doing.

If you are feeling this way too I want to honor that. I want to create a space to ALLOW it…

You are feeling restless for a reason.

There is something calling to you. Another level. A deeper way to connect and serve.

It can be easy to try and avoid this call. Ignore it. Keep pushing.

But it doesn’t go away… the more we try to avoid it, the more restless we feel.

As I honor this in myself, my own journey, I invite you to do the same.

Allow yourself to dream. To breathe. To play with the possibilities of what is coming… even if you can’t see it clearly yet.

I have (quietly) started a new group where together we are taking things to the next level. Based on the values of collaboration, connection and creation. We have only 2 spots left and I invite you to reply to this email to let me know if you are feeling called to join us.

There is power in the restlessness if we choose to listen. <3


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