Dreamers and Doers

Jul 24, 2018

Every successful business needs two types of people.

The dreamers and the doers.

The dreamers are the ones who create the vision for the business – where we are headed and why. They are driven by big ideas and making a difference.

The doers are the ones who plug into the vision and help bring it to life. They are driven by completion and are naturally wired to “get stuff done.”

They both need each other.

Without the doers the dreamers can end up in a vicious cycle of ‘lots of great ideas’ that rarely come to life.

Without the dreamers, the doers can end up stuck or spinning their wheels trying to figure out what needs to be done and why.

Are you more of a dreamer or a doer?

We each have a bit of both in us – but one is going to be our strength and the space where we do our best work.

If you are a dreamer too caught up in the doing then your dreams will only grow so far as your ability to ‘do’.

If you are a doer too caught up in the dreaming you may find your self overwhelmed with ideas and decisions.

Are you more of a dreamer or a doer? Hit reply to this email and let me know.


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