Jun 26, 2018

A year ago my business was HEAVY.

Like “ugh, do I want to keep doing this” kind of heavy.

I was in the midst of some big changes.

Long-term team members leaving. People I had been working with for 6+ years.

Programs that I no longer wanted to deliver (even though they were making me money).

And not sure what I wanted the future of my business to look like.

It was a drag – to say the least.

Flash forward a year – to today – and I’m in a much different place.

An amazing new team who are aligned with where we are headed and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves to make things happen.

I’ve ‘passed the baton’ of that part of my business that I was no longer aligned with to 3 amazing women who are excited and inspired to lead the charge.

And I’ve landed on a new mission of supporting service providers to hit 6+ figures and beyond by getting paid more for their expertise and not just their doing.

I’ve also opened myself up to some deeper consulting work with a few key projects to help “bring that new thing to life” <— one of my favorite things to do

Most importantly – I’m ENJOYING my business again.

Not in a leap-out-of-bed-clicking-my-heels kind of way. (I’m not a leap out of bed kinda gal)

But in a deep appreciation for the journey. For the mystery. For the learning.

For the simple fact that I’ve CHOSEN this life and I get to live it on my terms.

If you are in the cycle of “ugh, this is feeling heavy right now” my best advice for you is this:

Be patient. Change rarely happens as fast as we wish it would.

Be real. If you are perpetually stuck there is something that you are avoiding and you won’t move forward until you deal with it.

Be brave. It requires a boatload of courage to let go of what isn’t working and step into whatever is coming next!

Be kind. To yourself most of all – as it can be really easy to beat ourselves up when things aren’t working.

How do you handle the heavy times in your business? Hit comment and let me know.


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