The Safety of Confusion

May 29, 2018


How often do you find yourself not taking action because you are confused. You aren’t sure what to do. You don’t know what the right answer is.

There are times when the confusion is legit BUT there are times when it isn’t.

Because here’s the thing.

When you are CONFUSED you don’t have to take ACTION. 

Confusion is often a mask for fear. It’s a ‘trick’ that our minds like to play on us when we are faced with taking a risk and it scares the pants off us.

Confusion is a convenient way to keep ourselves safe because we can’t move forward until we are 100% SURE, right? When we are looking for a guarantee that ‘it will work’ and that we are making ‘the right choice.’

So how do you know if your confusion is legit or not?

There are a few signs:

  • It comes on the heels of major insight and excitement. You find clarity on something you are REALLY excited about – a new goal, a new venture, a new partnership – and within a day or two the excitement is gone and you just feel confused.
  • It doesn’t go away. You feel like you’ve tried everything to find an answer, and even when you find an ‘answer’ you wake up the next day feeling just as confused as you were before.
  • You refuse to invest in the answer. You find a trusted resource to give you the answer – a coach or a training program – but you stop yourself from investing because you just aren’t sure.

The truth is, we live in a world where we can find the answer to pretty much any question in an instant. In an article. A book. A podcast. A training. A conversation. Posting in a Facebook group.

In our connected world we are literally surrounded by answers every single day.

So if you are confused OFTEN chances are that confusion is your safety zone. 

I’ve spent lots of time in the safety of confusion and what I’ve learned is this:

The only way out is through.

You can’t think or analyze your way out of confusion. The more you seek the ‘right’ answer or a ‘guarantee it will work’ the more confused you may become!

I lovingly like to call this “flushing toilet brain” – where you go around and around but never really get anywhere. It’s a real drain! (pun intended 😉

All you can do is take action in spite of your confusion. To choose what looks like your BEST option and move forward. Take the risk. Make it so.

You can let confusion rule the day, or not. Your choice.


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