How many times do you fall down before you give up?

Mar 15, 2018

OMG – not only is this the cutest thing ever, but I also couldn’t help but realize…

There have been MANY days in my business when I’ve felt like little Edna!

Trying something new and falling flat on my face… over and over again.

But here’s the difference between me and this pup. I don’t always get up with a smile on my face and keep going. ?

There have been times I’ve fallen down ONCE and said ‘forget it, guess this isn’t for me’. And I gave up.

There have been times where I’ve fallen down and threw a bit of a fit “Why isn’t this working for me! It’s working for everyone else!” ?

Perhaps you’ve had those moments as well? I had one this week. #keepingitreal

There are three things I’ve learned from this beautiful, furry little soul today.

1) IT TAKES TIME – we can’t learn to walk in a day. So why do we expect to master everything in our business in a day? And on the first time we try? ?

2) CHOOSE OUR ATTITUDE – when we fall down we ALWAYS have a choice in how we respond. We can get up with a smile and keep going. Or we can get frustrated, maybe throw a fit and give up.

3) WE NEED EACH OTHER – it wasn’t until Edna met Gertie that she was able to make measurable progress. Before then little Edna (and her owner) were trying so many different things that just weren’t working. But as soon as Gertie showed up something shifted and she found her way. <– How much time do we spend trying to ‘figure it out on our own’ instead of asking for support? Finding someone to ‘play’ with? Be it a friend, mentor, coach or colleague.

Together we can accomplish so much more than we ever could on our own – do you agree?


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