The (hidden) reason why we end up working too much…

Feb 1, 2018

It’s not about time management skills.

It’s not about having the right people on your team (or no one at all!)

It’s not about learning how to work faster and getting good systems in place.

All of these things are important, but none of them matter until you address the REAL (and often hidden) reason why we work too much…


  1. Andrew Molobetsi

    I work everyday from 7:30 to 7pm without end. My clients seem to have taken control over the way I should help them achieve their goals. Granted, there’s a lot of income coming in the business, and hey, I just can’t take the overwhelm anymore and I want a way out of this without losing the the revenues coming in.. Any suggestions, Tina? Anybody? Thanks for the insightful video.

  2. Lisa Smith

    Hmmm, never thought about that. I could say that’s true in a lot of ways for me since I am single and have no kids or S.O., and I work from home.

  3. Gert Verboven

    Great vid Tina. Totally agree. It is easy to forget oneself in work and run from life. Taking responsibility of making our life the most fullfilling requires courage. Courage to even challenge that work, earning money every day is maybe not the optimal way to go.


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