Lead. Manage. Do.

Sep 1, 2017

Originally posted on Sept 29th 2016

I lead our first Best Team Ever Intensive last week and it was awesome. The ladies who joined us rolled up their sleeves and got clear on who they need to hire next and how to find the best people. Here’s to support on your terms baby!

One of my favorite teachings in this intensive is about the role of leading, managing and doing. All 3 are essential for success but the question is – who does what? Where do YOU need to spend your time? Check out today’s new video for the inside scoop.

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  1. Ajeet Khalsa

    very clear. I wondered what was going on when I felt cluttered, clumsy and a mess. It’s that I am a visionary and a doer and not a very good back ender, web designer or two dimensional project manager. When I worked with an incredibly good project manager on a festival, I kept turning away, not wanting to work as much as she wanted for me to do and I realized only after she broke up with me–after the event was done–we were ecstatic while it was going on but after, I realized how little about project management I knew and why my so called ‘business’ was not one at all. I, alone am a free-lancer, a teacher, a ‘gigger’ and don’t have the hat of management at all. So my question is, because there is no money right now because of a lack of jobs, but there is a great product and a great vision, should I see if I can get an intern or someone who would be willing to be a project manager and work on commission?


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