A Lesson in Doing What I’m Told (even when I don’t like it)

Aug 17, 2017

rulesI was in a workshop this past weekend learning a new business model (retail commerce) and my experience got me to thinking about something.

There is a lot of talk lately about NOT following someone else’s “7 steps to success formula” and to just do it your way. It’s almost become a rallying cry these days and I think it’s a potentially dangerous one (and yes – I am one of those who has been rallying that cry at times!)

I get it. We have all bought into programs with big expectations that didn’t work for us. Or that didn’t work the way we expected. And that sucks… especially when it feels like it keeps happening.

So it is tempting to say “screw the blueprint! – I’m going to just do it my way.” Especially if you have a bit of a rebellious streak like I do. (I know I’m not alone here… 😉

Ultimately you have a choice in how you want to build your business. You can blaze your own trail and work from trial and error. Or you can follow a formula that someone else has already proven works. Either one can get you there – it’s just a matter of choosing the type of journey you want to have.

BUT following an existing formula will only work if you are purposeful upfront in a few key areas… there is actually a simple formula to being able to successfully follow a formula (ha!)

1) Figure out first what you REALLY want to create. If you don’t know what type of business you want and are really suited for – then don’t buy into any formula to build a business yet! You need to first do some deeper work (i.e with a coach) to figure this out. I’ve seen many people waste time, money and energy trying to build something that they were never meant to do…

2) Find someone who has PROVEN the business model that you want to build. This is a surprisingly hard step as it requires some digging and potentially some patience. I’m always looking for the person who lives what they teach. Who has been doing it for years. And often these are NOT the people with the flashiest marketing because they are more focused on running their business! Great marketers are not always great business owners…

3) DO THE WORK. For the love of all things holy – do what they tell you to do! This is the hard part because yes – there is work to be done and yes – you won’t want to do all of it. But you need to do the work if you want to create success. Don’t complain that it didn’t work if you stopped after step 2. Or if you skipped steps 4 & 5 and went to step 6 because it was more fun.

Does this mean success is guaranteed? Hell no – this is business baby and unfortunately success is never guaranteed even with the best ‘formula’. But you will be more likely to succeed if you do the work. Start there. And if it doesn’t work dig deeper (again – a coach can be helpful here.)

As for me? I followed EVERY step I was told to do in my workshop this past weekend. And I will admit – there were times where I thought “I don’t want to do it that way” or “maybe I’ll try this instead”. There were even moments of “I’ve been in business for a long time already so I can do what I want”… But I gave myself a mental slap on the wrist and just did what I was told. I followed the steps that they had already PROVEN to work. And I left that workshop after 3 days with a live, running store. (Which I’ll share more about in the future… for now I’m keeping it under wraps as I play.)

If I had gone rogue and tried to do it my way I wouldn’t have a live store right now.

The bottom line is this:

If someone is building the same type of business you want to build then the easier path is to. Follow. Their. Steps. Until you have proven the business model for yourself (aka – made consistent money) THEN go ahead and start doing it your way.

You may still get there if you skip the first part and jump right into doing it your way – but usually at the cost of spending WAY more time in trial and error. Which can erode your confidence and passion over time, not to mention empty your wallet!

Know yourself. Know what you need. And choose accordingly.


  1. Terry Monaghan

    Love, love, LOVE this article. It’s such a puzzle when people come to learn something and then decide that they know better! Especially when, if they really knew better they would be doing it (and they are not). When I take a course, I strive to set my “I already know this” reaction aside. I heard one mentor say that the minute you think “I already know” you have stopped listening!

    • tinaforsyth

      ” if they really knew better they would be doing it (and they are not).” <– THAT is the ultimate test

  2. Katherine

    THIS is exactly why (and thanks to you, Tina!) I’m offering to train women how to produce “Entering the Healing Temple” in their own, NOT virtual, communities! Because it’s complex & awesome & a beautiful platform, and I’ve figured it out. The part where I’ve gone astray (in following someone else’s path) is showing up NOW, as I’m getting out the word. “The way”to get out the word feels so formulaic and out of sync with my internal rhythm, that whenever I step in that direction I feel pressed and anxious… and then out of alignment with the energy of The Healing Temple itself. Perhaps it’s time for a conversation with Beth Grant, eh? (BTW, congrats on your new retail scene!) ??❤️

    • tinaforsyth

      the marketing/messaging piece is always organic and changing – can be tough to find with fits there at times…

  3. Ann M Matuszak

    I love this article! You have absolutely hit the nail on the head. Pixologie created a replicatable business model and we sell a business license. You have echoed exactly what our Licensee owners have said.

    • tinaforsyth

      Makes life SOOOO much easier to follow a proven path 🙂


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