The Safety of Confusion

Jul 7, 2017

It always surprises me how often we get in our own way – how resistance shows up in sneaky ways to try and stop us from creating the success we desire. (Those pesky Upper Limit Problems, if you are familiar with the work of Gay Hendricks.)

I found myself getting stuck in a rather interesting ‘trap’ lately and am curious if you can relate?

I’ve recorded a brand spankin’ new video quickie to share more…


  1. John-David Biggs

    HI Tina, always lovely to see and hear you. Clarity is my benchmark. I can do anything when I’m clear, but when that voice of confusion comes in, I down tools. (Very briefly these days I hasten to add.) Harvey T Ecker is good at explaining the part of the brain that protects us from danger – he describes it as an over anxious mother – she means well but is a dreadful master (mistress). Stepping back is key, going back to our purpose.

  2. Elma Mayer

    Exactly! You’ve got me pegged, Tina!

    In addition, my “confusion” is often linked to trying to over-thinking by sussing out all possible future variables — I make never-ending flow charts in my mind, of everything that could go right or wrong, every objection, every scenario, every to-do task. Which of course, is overwhelming and paralyzing!

    My 3 go-to solutions: 1) similar to how you describe ‘tuning in’ to the truth, I do a quickie healing session on myself to Align with my highest flow/purpose. This gets me unstuck quickly. 2) I use essential oils! Especially “Clarity” by Young Living. I’m not a distributor, so this is not advertising! But it really works wonders. 3) I use the Bach Flower Remedy “Elm” for mental chatter – this quiets my mind fast. You can buy it online or at health food stores – this stuff is amazing!

    Thanks for this video, I really needed this reminder today — and you snapped me right into my truth, yay!


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