The 3 Types of Faith Required for Business Success

Dec 14, 2016

Success is part action & part faith.

We talk about the first part alot – about what we need to do, when to do it and how. But action doesn’t come with a guarantee of success. We can do all the ‘right’ things and still not create the success we are looking for.

This is where faith kicks in – where we believe in the unseen. Where we trust in a future that we desire but that hasn’t happened yet. Where we KNOW that everything is happening for a reason, even when we don’t like what we are seeing.

In today’s new video I share 3 areas in business where faith becomes an important ally in your success journey.



  1. Jory H Fisher JD PCC

    Thank you, Tina. I don’t know how people can run a successful business withOUT the three types of faith you discuss in this video. I’m right with ya, girl. Preach it! 🙂

    • tinaforsyth

      ** high five **

  2. Jen L

    I absolutely agree with the philosophy that having ‘faith’ increases an entrepreneur’s chance of being successful (assuming he/she has a viable business). I am a very logical, practical person. So naturally, I was very skeptical of these theories at first (like the similar notion of ‘the secret’) and had a hard time learning to trust myself and the process, until I had results which I could not explain. Call it luck, or chance, if you like. But then when it happens repeatedly, you start to think, “what are the odds?” I think new entrepreneurs struggle with having faith in themselves and in their ability to lead a team. Education and knowledge leads to self-awareness, then to confidence – which leads to an increased belief in ability (of yourself and others). Then that leads to trust and faith. I believe that as an entrepreneur you have to give 110% to your efforts. It can be challenging and absolutely cause some nervousness, but having the confidence and faith to know that if you did your research, executed a viable plan (limiting as much risk as possible) and gave it 110%, positive outcomes will happen. There may be some bumps but once the plan is in motion, keeping your faith and showing your team that you trust them and the process, the team will give their 110%. Sometimes, the outcomes can contribute to secondary benefits which may not have occurred or even have come about if the plan was not executed. I find that is what makes it so exciting and rewarding to lead teams and implement new ideas – the ability to have that kind of impact.

    • tinaforsyth

      yes! Love this Jen – everytime we take action it does strengthen our faith. 🙂


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