Day 11 – Delegate your Distractions

Oct 18, 2016

Busy21 Days of Leadership

Ask someone how they are doing and chances are you will hear some variation of:

“I’m so busy!”

Perhaps you’ve said it yourself lately?

We live in a world where busy has become the norm. We wear busy as a badge of honor – unconsciously confusing our busyness with being productive.

Yes, we have a lot on our plates but the truth is if you are “too busy” you aren’t leading. You are reacting.

One of the first exercises I do with my clients is creating a YES list – essentially their CEO role description. For most everyone their YES list includes activities that are growing their business, serving their clients and leading their team.

The idea of the YES list is simple – if you are doing things that aren’t on your YES list they are distractions to your success.

I’m curious to know how much of your time is spent outside of these things? Make a list of these things and ask yourself:

Is this necessary to the growth of my business?

If I was to stop doing it how would that affect the business?

Look to delegate those things that serve the growth of the business. Look to delete or delay those that don’t.

Your time is your most precious asset as a leader – and it’s up to you to use it wisely.

I’m gathering together a group of women for my new LEAD Mastermind – where we are going to explore this and the other facets of leadership. Message me if you are curious to learn more.

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