Day 3 – Leadership is the ultimate act of courage

Oct 5, 2016

21 Days of Leadership

It takes courage to take a stand.courage To put your self out there and say “this is what I believe is possible – will you join me?”

It takes courage to ask. To make an offer and ask a client to commit to working with you. To ask a team member to invest their time and energy in working with you.

It takes courage to love. To care so deeply about something that really matters. To pour yourself into something that could hurt if it doesn’t come to fruition.

Leadership is not safe the safe path. It doesn’t allow us to take it easy. It doesn’t allow us to wait for certainty. It doesn’t allow us to hide in the shadows until someone gives us permission to shine.

Leadership calls us out. Calls us to take a risk and put ourselves out there for a vision that has no guarantee of success.

The bigger the impact you wish to have the more courage will be required of you.

Courage is a solo act, however it can be cultivated in a community of other leaders who are on the same path. I’m creating this community in my new LEAD Mastermind – message me if you are curious to learn more.

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