The Divine Edge of Dissatisfaction

Apr 28, 2016


Back in 2012 I was secretly feeling dissatisfied with my business – and more so with myself for feeling this way!

I had spent years birthing the Certified Online Business Manager training and community. This was a labor of love based on the work I had done personally for clients since 2002. I had written a book and created two powerful programs that were serving clients at the highest level. I had an amazing team of women supporting me – people I consider to be my family. I was making multiple 6-figures and working about 30 hours a week with weekends off.

I had reached a level of success that I had only DREAMED of years before…

And it was no longer fun. It was no longer satisfying.

Truth be told I was bored and I would secretly think about escaping my business. I had the itch to be doing something totally different than what I was doing now. I felt like there was something more for me, even though I had no idea what it was.

And then that little voice inside would pop up and say “Tina, how can you be unhappy when THIS is exactly what you wanted? You have everything you need so why can’t you just enjoy it? Who do you think you are anyhow?”

I squashed those feelings down and kept plugging away in neutral – that space where nothing is wrong but nothing is right either. That space where everything is “fine”.

I put on a happy face and pretended that everything was great but the truth was that I was struggling.

I felt like wanting more – wanting something else – was a betrayal to my clients and to my team. That I was being selfish and greedy. That something was wrong with me because I couldn’t seem to be happy with what I had worked so hard to create.

One day I realized it was actually a betrayal to myself to keep ignoring this desire. The longer I tried to force myself to stay where I was the more I struggled. I had outgrown my purpose and it was time to accept it.

This is the divine edge of dissatisfaction.

Where the success you thought you wanted isn’t doing it for you anymore. It’s not like anything is wrong with where you are at right now – you worked hard to get here and you are proud of that! But there is a dissatisfaction – a small voice deep inside – that knows you are meant for more. It is calling you up, beckoning you forward on your journey.

You may have a sense of what you are being called to next – or you may not – but try as you might you simply can’t ignore it anymore.

What I’ve come to learn on this journey is that the bigger your calling, the more time you will spend on the divine edge of dissatisfaction.

It is the space where leaders live.

You can see the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. You have a vision for what is possible and recognize that there is work to be done to get there. You are driven to contribute at a higher level and to make a difference that matters.

The challenge here is two-fold:

  1. To really FEEL and own the success you’ve already created – to honor it and allow it to be a stepping stone on your journey vs. the destination. To realize that all the work you’ve done to date – even if you aren’t 100% where you wanted to be – was meant to get you ready for what is to come.
  2. To honor the call to become the leader you are meant to be – the divine edge of dissatisfaction is an invitation to lead. To lead yourself, lead your business, lead your team and lead your clients. It’s the space where you dare to want more and have the courage to go for it.

My call to lead is to support women who are living the divine edge of dissatisfaction. And I’m daring to step into it, if you care to join me? Post a comment below or message me directly via the Contact info above.

The leader in me sees the leader in you. It’s time.


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