This is my last time teaching it live [OBM Certification]

Feb 16, 2016

We do our Online Business Manager Certification Training live every 2 years – we start next week – and this will be my last time leading the program.

When I wrote the book Becoming an Online Business Manager back in 2008 I knew I was committing to something much bigger than just me. I was committing to the birth of an industry – where virtual support professionals could break the bonds of being ‘just an assistant’ and step up to play a bigger game with their clients (and themselves.) I wanted to give people like me (get-it-done driven folks) an opportunity to partner with amazing visionary leaders – to work together to create profitable businesses that make a difference.

Since then we’ve trained hundreds of amazing professionals to become Certified Online Business Managers, who in turn have served thousands of businesses in their growth journeys.

Why is this my last time teaching the program?

My role as leader in the Online Business Manager Industry has been – and continues to be – some of the most fulfilling work of my life. As a leader I know when changes need to be made to serve the greater good of our community, now is that time.

Put simply, it’s a natural evolution of the industry alongside my own personal growth. I’ve always had a vision that others would step up and step in alongside me to continue to support our industry, and it will soon be time for me to pass the baton of our training to my long -time partner and friend Tiffany Johnson, who was in the very first OBM Training and has worked tirelessly to support the industry with me now for over 6 years.

Given that this will be my last time leading this training I am planning to go out with a bang! We teach the program live every 2 years so that we can update the materials and provide the highest level of strategy & knowledge to our OBMs. This time around we have made changes to the curriculum that I KNOW will knock the socks off of our participants, and I can say with full confidence this will be our best training ever.

If you care to join me LIVE for the OBM training this will be your final chance to do so.

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