What are your 3 words for the year? (here’s mine)

Jan 8, 2016

As I ease myself back into work this week I was purposeful to keep myself focused on 3 things – our 3 ‘themes’ for the year (that we chose as a team during our planning retreat back in October)

I’m not a big fan of making resolutions – maybe it’s the rebel in me? – but what I do love to do is choose 3 words to focus on each year. It keeps me focused as the CEO and also provides a focus for the team and business at large. If we are successful in our 3 words we know we are on track

Here’s our 3 words for the year – how about yours? (feel free to share in a comment below)

1. Consistency – We are at the stage in the business where are programs are solid. CEO Business School and the OBM Certification are SOLID programs that rock. We don’t need to be making new stuff – we need to simply continue to expand our reach and serve more people with what we have already created! Consistency is all about taking regular actions – building habits each week that solidify our marketing efforts. That allow us to reach more people and empower them to build the businesses they love. When we aren’t consistent in our actions this doesn’t happen.

2. Say No – being the creative gal that I am (ahem) it is so EASY for me to come up with new ideas. New programs. New opportunities. Part of our focus this year is to say no before we say yes. It’s not to say that we won’t start anything new, but that if we do it won’t be from a place of reactive ‘YEA! Sounds like fun! Let’s do it!’, but rather a place of a purposeful ‘YES, I can see how this fits into and supports the vision of the business’. And I will admit – this one is REALLY TOUGH for me at times… my team may need to slap my wrist. 😉

3. Excellence – put simply, we don’t do half-ass around here. If we can’t give something 100% of our attention, effort and love then we aren’t going to do it. This means that I’ve cut some of the programs that we used to offer – the ones that were ‘hey, why not… let’s do it and see what happens’. It also means that we are getting CRYSTAL clear on who we serve best, and that we refuse to say yes to a client just because they want to give us their money.

So how about you? You might have 1 word or 3 – I would love to hear how you keep yourself focused for the year?


  1. Lori Green

    Thank you for the article.

    Focus – Keep on track towards building & serving

    Excellence – (every year be one of my words) 100% effort & attention in everyday tasks and customer service – serving our customers – offering 2nd to none value.

    Learn – Con’t education to be able to offer con’t value and growth.


  2. Andrea

    Pause. Be Curious. Take Good Care.

  3. OneCrazyMomma

    Just posted about this today on my blog OneCrazyMomma 🙂 My three words are Focus, Consistency and Adventure! Commitment was a close runner up, but I felt Adventure encompassed more of what I want from the year.

  4. Tony

    Stability in scheduling and systems

  5. Jessica M. Castle

    I just have one word for the year and it’s Commitment. I need to get serious about committing time to work on my own business, and not just clients. I need to commit to putting out a weekly letter. And, carrying it over to my personal life, I need to commit to going to the gym regularly and getting healthy.

    • tinaforsyth

      what helps you stay committed Jessica?


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