That ONE pesky thing – let’s get rid of it shall we?

Dec 18, 2015

Originally posted on December 12th, 2013.

December can be a weird month for many of us – we are gearing down a bit to end the year and head into the holiday season, which means we might be feeling like we aren’t accomplishing much for the month. Here’s a quick exercise to end the year on an accomplishment high.


  1. Samantha Moe

    The stuff on my “small tasks” list – there are only 5 but when I knock ’em out today I’m DONE :) :) :)

  2. Sarah-Jane Le Blanc

    I’m clearing out my inbox and not signing off until it’s done!!!!!!

  3. Beth Claxton

    I posted that blog i wanted to write since October! It’s getting lots of comments too! Now that that is done…..Maybe i’ll record some meditations….

  4. Bill

    Thanks, Tina! My pesky thing is to do all my final tax paperwork – like update mileage logs and charitable donations for the year.

    • Chris L. Davis

      Bill I’m right along with you on that one. As much as I try to keep up on my taxes they are the one area that always “slips away” from me.

  5. PJ Van Hulle

    Thanks, Tina!

    I’ve been meaning to create some more short content videos for my List-Building Rockstars Program so I’m going to buckle down and handle that! : D


    PJ Van Hulle
    Real Prosperity, Inc.
    “Have Fun. Do Good. Make Money.”


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