I don’t care how much money you made

Nov 13, 2015

It could be 5, 6 or 7-figures in a year, month or day.

That doesn’t impress me… what I really want to know is:

  • How much money did you KEEP? Did you make a profit? Did you pay yourself? I’ll take a strong profit over higher revenues any day…
  • Can you do it again? Or was this just a one-time thing? Show me this level of success consistently for a year…
  • Did you go into debt to pay for that new car? To take that fancy trip? Buy those new clothes? Show me how you really live day to day…
  • How much time did it take? Did you work yourself (and your team) to the bone 24/7? If you can’t show me a sane way to create success then I’m not interested…
  • Were you 100% aligned with your strategy? Or did you follow a formula that is proven to work financially but felt ‘off’ on a deeper level? The short term benefit of ‘success at all costs’ will erode our hearts over time…

There have been many times in my business where I’ve said no to the money.

No to working 24/7, exhausting myself and having my kids look at me as a stranger.

No to using strategies that I KNOW would work but didn’t feel right for me in that moment. No to following the latest fad in the ongoing cycle of how to create success quickly.

No to making money just for money’s sake… in a vain effort to prove myself and get to join the ranks of people who make more money than I do. (The entrepreneur’s form of peer pressure…)

I’m in business for freedom, meaning and money – in that order. I am willing to give up ‘more’ money if it impedes on my freedom – if it forces me to do work that isn’t aligned and takes my weekends away.

I am here to do work that matters – that makes a difference in the lives of my clients and allows me to serve from my purpose.

And yes, I want to make money – I already make a great living. Yes, I would like more money and I’m A-OK for it to be a long burn vs. an explosion.

Money matters. Freedom matters. Meaning matters.

If I can’t have all 3 then I’m not interested… what really matters to you?

#profitfirst #gettingreal


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