“Creating Something New is NOT an Act of Courage”

Oct 28, 2015

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“Creating Something New is NOT an Act of Courage”

I about fell out of my seat when I heard this – part of a presentation that Sean Croxton gave at a recent event I attended.

It doesn’t take courage to create something new. Another new program. A new offering. A new idea.

That’s the fun part! Dare I say the easy part.

What takes courage is to stay the course. To commit yourself to long-term success (not constantly chasing the dream of a quantum leap).

To nurture what you’ve already created from concept through to fruition – give it a chance to ‘grow up’ before leaving it on the sidelines.

It takes courage to say NO to those new ideas when they are calling – when you know it would be SOOO much fun to just dive in! (It’s hard to resist the siren’s call of creativity, I get it…)

Being ‘creative’ can be an excuse if we aren’t careful – it can become the reason why we never build a foundation under our business. Why we are constantly chasing new ideas, creating chaos and proud of it.

I am a creative gal at heart – I LOVE creating new programs and trainings. And I’m also at a stage in my business (and life) where I crave longevity. Sustainability. Something that can have a long term impact for my clients, my team and my family.

I’ve seen where my creativity has served the business – and where it has become the distraction that takes us off course. I’ve also felt how exhausting creativity can be when it rules the roost.

It’s not a matter of stifling my creativity – it’s a part of who I am – so I aim to channel it through what already exists. Finding ways to be creatively committed in our growth. Creatively building our foundation. Creatively leading my business and team.

I will freely admit that it’s scary. I can whip up something new tomorrow if I like – that’s easy – but can I stay the course? Can I stay committed when the going gets tough? When new ideas are knocking at my door? (with wine and chocolate in hand… they know how to tempt me!

This is what courage looks like for me right now in my business. How about you?


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