If this doesn’t work out I’m done

Sep 11, 2015

After 16 years of working from home I’m officially in my new office this week. There is something to be said for seeing live people every day (haha) Plus after working strictly with a virtual team since day one I’m hiring my first local employee as well (she starts on Monday.) Don’t worry, my current team isn’t going anywhere… they can’t get away from me that easy. 😉

officeviewOffice with a view – of the mall across the street, that could be dangerous!

We had the first call with our new CEO Business School group this past Tuesday and there was a running theme in the conversation:

Tina, this program is my last shot – if I can’t figure this out soon then I’m shutting it down.

Not to be alarmist about it, but let’s be real… this is going on for a lot of people right now.

The women I talk to are burnt out. Tired. Overwhelmed.
They are making money but it goes right back out the door again.
And they are overcommitting themselves to make that money – working WAY harder than they expected.
What they pay themselves is not enough to feel worth it. (if they are paying themselves at all.)
They have invested in other programs and coaching but still haven’t found a solution (and are feeling discouraged.)
Their husbands are upset with them because their business is a drain on the family (energetically and financially.)
They aren’t spending as much time with their kids as they would like.

Put simply, something needs to change and it needs to happen now.

First step? Decide that you are willing to do whatever it takes.

This isn’t about working more or doing things that go against who you are (strangely enough it usually means working less and being more aligned with who you really are).

What it does mean is that you commit to finding the solution. You stop wishing or waiting for someone to come and fix it for you. You decide that your life is worth as much as your business and it’s no longer OK to let your business run the show.

The solutions are actually quite simple:

  • Decide what you REALLY want (let go of the should, could, woulds)
  • Find the business model that suits you best (time to leverage!)
  • Look at the money to ensure the right pricing & profit
  • Create a plan for the next 90 days
  • Get the right team & structure in place (so you don’t have to do it all alone)
  • Embrace your role as CEO and let go of the rest

Does it happen overnight? Hell no… change takes time, but when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel then it suddenly doesn’t feel so heavy anymore.

What I know to be true is this. You can change your business. It might not be easy but it is doable and can certainly be worth it.

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