This might be why you aren’t reaching your goals (it was for me!)

Sep 3, 2015

Ever set a goal and not reached it? Silly question, I know it happens to all of us. But what if it keeps happening again and again. And no matter what you try you just can’t seem to reach your goals. That sucks, I’ve been there.

Today’s NEW video is a strategy I learned just a few months back and it has changed the way we set (and achieve!) goals in our company. And best of all, it’s so simple you can start doing it today. OOOO yea!


Simply put, you identify 3 levels of achievement for the projects, initiative, etc. you’re working on.
For example, consider one of your new initiatives – a program that you’re launching. For each area of the program launch (number of enrollments, financial goal etc.), identify your Good, Better and Best Goals.

1. Start by selecting a Good Goal – i.e. the number of program enrollments that would make you happy – if you reached this goal, everything would be good (your baseline number).

2. Now identify a Better Goal – i.e. a number of program enrollments that you would be REALLY
happy with – it would be awesome if you hit this goal.

3. Last step – identify the Best Goal – i.e. the number of program enrollments that you would be absolutely ecstatic with – it would be amazing to reach this goal

Do you see how setting these goals can help you feel successful – even if you didn’t reach the Best Goal?

I encourage you to use this for EVERY initiative, program, and product launch etc. in your business. Be sure to share these goals with your team AND celebrate each one as you achieve it.

I’m willing to bet that, until now, you have identified the best possible achievement as your goal. If so, you’re not reaching your goals because you’re striving for the BEST possible achievement instead of celebrating the smaller achievements that really are great ones.

You’re not alone. The majority of entrepreneurs, by default, base their goals on the best possible achievement.

You’re not going to reach your Best goal every time. When you set a Good, Better and Best goal, you give yourself permission celebrate and acknowledge that you ARE creating success (and it’s likely happening more often than you may realize).

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  1. Kimberly King Wise

    FINALLY! Someone is bringing this concept out in the open! Thank you, Tina! <

  2. Ally E. Machate

    I really love this approach. I think most shoot for the “Big Kahuna” goal because we’re all taught “If you shoot for the moon and miss, at least you’ll still end up among the stars.” But that’s always been uncomfortable for me and a little counterproductive, because…well…it’s not a very motivating goal if you know going in that you’re not actually believing you can or planning to hit it. Instead, the good-better-best goal setting approach lets me know what I really need to be okay/status quo, what I’d really like to do, and then that “shoot for the moon” goal that is a stretch but now can be motivating in a new way–in this context it’s more like a galvanizing challenge instead of a false carrot.


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