3 Reasons Not to Create a Certification or Licensing Program

May 1, 2015

I’ve been in this industry now for over 15 years – and in that time I’ve seen the cycle of “popular” revenue streams come and go. Memberships, info-products, high-end packages, masterminds… you name it.

Right now the hot topic is Certification & Licensing programs – seems I see a new one everday! I’ve run a Certification program now for 6 years and LOVE it – plus I’ve mentored others for years now in creating their own certification. BUT! This revenue stream is not for everyone… and in fact I’ll talk people out of it all the time. I share why in todays video.

** Want to pick my brain about Certifications & Licensing Programs? **

I’m doing an open call to give you the inside scoop re: Certification & Licensing on Friday, May 8th at 9am pacific / noon eastern. I’ll be sharing some of my own story around creating a Certification (it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done BUT so worth it) PLUS I’m going to answer all your questions LIVE on the call. You might be brand-spanking new to this and wondering if it’s a good biz model for you. Or you might be knee deep in your own Cert program and wondering what you’ve got yourself into (yep, I’ve been there.)

Just click below to register and you’ll get the details sent to you asap.


  1. The Sales Whisperer®

    Tina, I had no idea you did this. People have encouraged me to license The Sales Whisperer® for years. Can you help with that?

    • tinaforsyth

      I sure can – I’ll message you to book a time to chat directly about it, see how we can help. :)

  2. Richelle

    Would love to hear the replay :)

  3. Katherine

    Talk about getting right on it, Tina! Thank you for putting this together: as you know, this is super-timely, for me. I’ve developed a day-long event that is being very successful, getting rave reviews, and there are now other Healing Practitioners that are starting to contact me about producing the event in their hometown. I want to keep the clarity and integrity of the model intact, AND I want to see what I’m doing be available for women in every community (it’s that wonderful). While listening to today’s video, it occurred to me that I could teach without certifying, I could certify (or license), or I could just let people do what they do, in their own style with their own vision, with no input from me. Unless they wanted mentoring. The notion of certifying/licensing doesn’t daunt me; I think that the conversation, though, will help me clarify which direction I want to take.

    • tinaforsyth

      oooo – a license could be good for you here Katherine (especially if folks are already asking for it!) Are you able to hop on the call next week?

      • Katherine

        That’s my plan! I’m actually really excited about the whole thing. The evolution has been intuitive, organic and frankly, fabulous.


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