The Edge of Divine Dissatisfaction

Jan 30, 2015

We can have it all – but do we want it? The game of more-more-MORE! has worn me out and I’m hung-over… here’s what I’m doing instead.


  1. Carolyn Cooper

    Oh Tina thank you for validating all these thoughts and feelings that have been wrestling around in my brain! I have a very successful Healing/Certification Business, yet “the world” -with all their programs and loud voices tells me I should push for more, more, more. I am happy with what I’ve created, I continue to deepen my work, I make plenty of money, AND I have time for my family, WHY am I expected to push for more? So glad I saw this, my monkey mind started to dance with “the world” today, and listening to you reminds me for now, my way is the true joy I seek. Ahhh..well said!

  2. Teri Goetz

    Thank you for sharing this. I love love love this message! the pressure and constant striving that makes us sick! Love this: enjoy where we’re at, go deeper not more more more…yahoo you!

  3. Carolyn Witt

    I really felt a sense of calm with the idea of mastering where I am
    right here, right now. Not worrying about what others are doing, or what
    I “should” be doing. Just enjoy and really go deep with what I am doing
    well and loving it. Thank you!

    • tinaforsyth

      it is SO much nicer to marinate in this space isn’t it? Thanks for sharing Carolyn

  4. Lori Isachsen

    Thanks for being real Tina! It’s good to hear that my “whoa” moment isn’t just me. 🙂 My clients are always pushing & in overload…& as their OBM, I try to get them to slow down & smell the roses & be happy with what they have achieved and where they are at. Versus figure out the plan, cram through the plan, rush to get it up.
    Great words of wisdom….Your pal in Grande Prairie, AB!

  5. Yaritza Baez

    Although I am in the phase of pushing and keep pushing, I look forward to reach the stage where I can relax a bit more and see where the ride takes me.

  6. Marta Costa

    Love, love, love this idea of mastering the game. That’s where I am too these days 🙂


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