The Timing Just Isn’t Right

Sep 26, 2014

At this time last year I DIDN’T want to do it.

I was in the middle of my divorce and holding the space for everything involved in that. My business was going well, but I personally was feeling unmotivated and exhausted… the timing just wasn’t right.


  1. Lady Elle

    Thanks Tina! I too have been in this stand still/lag over the last couple of months because of how I feel. I come home from a 1 1/2 hour commute, not getting home until 7pm and by that time I am exhausted. I only seem to find time on the weekend to put into my business as I am also taking 2 college courses. The balance has been tough and this message along with your other great messages I’ve heard and read have been inspiring me to keep on pushing to the finish line. :-)

  2. Nicole S. Cooper

    Love love love love!! This message was for me!!

    • tinaforsyth

      so glad to hear that Nicole – do you mind sharing why it was timely?

      • Nicole S. Cooper

        Because I’m in that “I don’t feel it” phase, as well as antsy about that “what’s next” phase…. and in that, I feel like it leads to stagnation rather than taking action… So now I’m just pulling the trigger to move forward thanks to your video;)

  3. Chris

    Really really good, Tina. I founf myself in a slump of fear and doubt this week and my vocational passion was not completely out od site but it was not energized and did not give me the excitement to make those difficult phone calls and emails. But that is where making a list and just beginning to DO it, move forward in a very deliberate and manageable way brought rewards that by the end of the day I felt reconnected with my excitement for my new biz.

    • tinaforsyth

      awesome! the action is what quite often brings back the excitement, can’t wait to hear how it goes. :)


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