Is Your Launch a Home Run or a Trial Run?

May 16, 2014

You are SO excited about your new program and pour everything into your launch expecting it to be “the one!” – and it doesn’t go as planned.  Easy to think it was a failure. But that may not be the case…


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  1. Norma Maxwell

    Good stuff, Tina. My latest project hasn’t made it to launch yet, and I have to admit some fear about it…this really helps me because I will look at “pilot” launch (something I hadn’t even thought of), and manage expectations a bit…that will probably be the difference between actually launching it and not at this point! After being away from the online space for the past year to home educate my boys, re-entry these past few weeks has been interesting to say the least (crickets!). I’m glad I stumbled across this post and thank you for your timely words! Cheers ~N


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