My Experiment re: Offering a Coaching Gym

Apr 11, 2014

If you are looking for another way to connect 1-1 with your clients without filling up your calendar, then today’s video is right up your alley.



  1. Amy Fortney Parks

    Hi, Tina! I am a Child Psychologist and Family coach and have found the idea of the “Coaching Cafe” (a similar model with a coffee cup) very helpful – I open it up every week for 3 hours – but I might make it every other week – still considering! Thoughts on frequency? What “other” features do you offer your coaching clients to add to their value?

  2. Janelle Holden

    Great explanation! I had heard of this idea before, but not how the scheduling worked, so this really helped, and I’m going to try it in my next group coaching opportunity. You’re amazing! Appreciate your tips.

  3. Patrice Register

    Hi Tina, that was a great tip. Thank you for sharing

  4. Ally E. Machate

    Awesome idea!!! We have done phone consults in half-hour increments, but with little urgency. I love this idea because it allows an opportunity for someone who really only has one or two questions and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money to get access to my expert knowledge. Even better, if you hold these sessions periodically instead of offering phone consults whenever, the sense of urgency may prompt people who need a little motivation. Thanks Tina! But, one question…do you have any advice on how to find the right price point for these in relation to other services?

    • tinaforsyth

      Great question Ally – I’ve never sold them alone, they are always just part of another program. Ie: as part of a training program (in lieu of offering an open group Q&A call) or as part of a coaching/mentorship program. Not sure I ever would sell them as a stand alone as I think it would be really tough to give any kind of good value to a new client in just 15 minutes.

  5. Jenn McGroary

    This sounds like a great alternative to the Q&A sessions I’ve been offering within my coaching club (which no one has been attending).

    Definitely going to set this up for next month!

    Thanks Tina.

  6. Elizabeth H. Cottrell

    Tina, this is a very smart way to create value for your clients without overwhelming your calendar. Do I understand that these are free calls or do you incorporate them into some sort of membership program?

    • tinaforsyth

      They are within other programs – not freebies.

  7. Laila Atallah

    Love this idea, Tina! And hearing your recent experience with it. And, how to set it up too, where people PRE-sign up for their 15 minute slots. Thanks as always for your short, sweet, and actionable tipis.


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