Could Your Team Be Losing Faith in You?

Feb 28, 2014

There are 3 things that I’ve seen that will erode the relationship you have with your team, guaranteed.



  1. Alice Sanders

    Many Thanks for this video. I hear many VA’s complain about how they (sometimes) are treated. Lessons to learn for both sides; if a VA or other teammember set her boundaries, the less chance this kind of situations will happen.

  2. Guest

    Amen 😉

  3. cherhale

    I’m so glad you talked about this because a lot of business owners forget how to be leaders when they take on new team members, and it’s a shame because they could be growing so much faster with a more loyal team. Thanks for the great reminder!

  4. vcmof3

    Great topic Tina,

    I have worked as a techie VA for years on many teams. These 3 are a great start. I would like to also offer:

    1. You have to be organized in handing over work. Your support person isn’t just sitting there waiting for you and only you. When you assign a task be as complete as possible in what needs to be done, all the parts are “included”. I carve out time in my schedule for tasks i see on my lists and it is so hard to come to a screeching halt when you don’t have a login, or you’ve given me a flat jpg and expect me to turn it into a graphic that required a layered file… etc. etc. Be organized. What happens when you do this is I move on to my next task and often yours goes to the bottom of my sequence.

    2. Make a decision if you want your support person to communicate directly with clients. If you are not a techie owner then please listen to your techie VA’s input when it’s provided. Don’t promise what you are not sure you can deliver. I don’t see anything wrong with telling a client, “hey let me conference in my techie and go over that topic”. If you are pretending to be the technical resource on your team and you really aren’t it will lead to problems.

    3. All I have to earn my income is my time. Please be sensitive to how asking me 15 questions about a new client you have and how to handle getting going with that client doesn’t add to my bottom line. Perhaps offer a task in your system called “Admin phone calls” and let me know it’s ok to charge time there when I just spent 25 minutes giving you my input on a good WordPress Template or a time estimate you asked for.

    Great discussion!

    Warm regards
    All Digital Support


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