The Vision for my Company (and why it might surprise you)

Jan 16, 2014

After a couple of years of “dancing” around my vision it finally clicked for me – and now I REALLY know what I’m doing and why.


  1. Lisa

    It feels so good to hear you in such clarity, passion, and excitement in discovering your mission! It really resonates with how I feel right now and how things are starting to fall into place for me now that I have accepted the call so-to-speak. Having such clarity is so freeing and any obstacles just feel like little road bumps that are fun to ride now!

  2. Ally E. Machate

    I spent some time this year, for the first time, really thinking about my own “why” and articulating a mission/vision for my business. The result didn’t necessarily surprise me but it did give me a deeper sense of connection and purpose, and it enhanced the feeling of collaboration that I strive to impart to potential clients, that sense of being in their corner and wanting to help them create something great. I’ve found, as I started to use it as a kind of sales pitch when people ask what I do, that it also helps people really connect to what we’re all about moreso than job descriptions or titles. Thanks for sharing your own journey!

  3. Shannon Mack

    Congratulations Tina! Once again a very inspiring video. Thanks for sharing such an intimate and personal revelation. I may be turning to you in the near future as I fulfill my vision.

  4. Keldie Jamieson

    Awesome Tina! That is what motivates me too. Empowering women. I think that is why I have been struggling with my path for the last year. I am drawn to women new to business as they are drawn to me. However these women do not require an OBM yet. But these are the women I want to serve. To empower them, to help them be independent, and raise a family, etc. Women do not have to focus on family or work, but can do both when they create their own way. I look forward to hearing more about your new program. To help them set up their companies the right way so they can succeed. Strategic planning, processes, implementation, and automation. Woo Hoo!

  5. Renaye Thornborrow

    Great job Tina! Love your clarity and your vision. Can’t wait to see what you create in 2014!

  6. Aine Dee

    Beautiful, clear, exciting vision!! I have approached my purpose in the exact opposite way – I had to see the unifying vision first as I refined one foundational program before I could promote it and develop the other 5 programs I see and know intimately. And now I can proceed to further develop and expand my offerings as I develop capacity – the team and systems you so expertly asset with. Certifying is my path as well because it can expand the reach in the same intimate and innovative way I work, which can’t be effectively delegated in a large organizational structure. So comforted to know you are further expanding your expertise in that certification area and look forward to your help when it’s time.

  7. Gretchen Kehan

    You have such clarity and it is serving the vision of so many other women and entrepreneur’s! Thanks for sharing, Tina. Looking forward to your next launch and endeavor! I have a very similar vision and am excited to see where it takes me on this adventure.


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