Where I’m NOT practicing what I preach…

Nov 21, 2013

In the spirit of authenticity, I’m coming clean re: two areas of my business where I really haven’t been practicing what I teach others to do. 


  1. Aine Dee

    Great post, Tina. I found myself the other day telling someone “Tech stuff isn’t my thing” when they suggested I need to get at least familiar with a webinar service before turning it over completely to a VA – and I cringed. I tell my clients who say “Numbers aren’t my thing” all the time that if they want to direct their personal and business money in meaningful and satisfying ways, they will have to learn as much of the numbers language as needed, whether they delegate some of the input and reporting or not. Nothing like not practicing what you preach, huh! Humbling…

  2. Lisa Wells

    Guilty! There are a couple of things that I preach that I should practice as well and they both are ‘boundary’ related. I tend to spend too much time on Get Acquainted Calls – they should probably be around 15 min but I tend to want to give away the goodies and drag it out for half an hour. Not very productive I must say. And the other is, like you, working in the evenings. Honestly it’s the only time I get to work on the coaching side of the business as I’m busy with client stuff all day, but then it gets to the point where i feel like I live in my office. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Monique

    Hi Tina,
    This post is lovely and refreshing! I’m a productivity expert and I too have periods where I’m not as “on track” with life balance as I feel I should be. Launch time is one of them. I’m launching a new, high-end program right now and the work that this requires, in addition to the work that I do for my travel planning service, is cutting into the leisure time that I want to spend with my husband in a major way right now. Even having breakfast together has become hit or miss recently. I’m taking a sanity break this weekend to get back on track. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Monique (Paris Muse of Productivity)

  4. Suzanne Tipton Offner

    I just love how transparent you are Tina! The worst trap we can get in is pretending we’e perfect. Thanks for not modeling that crazy behavior. Whew! Refreshing.

  5. Ann Strout

    Hey hey hey lady!! I have to say, I have many areas that I need to revisit! For example, it is almost 6:30 PM my time and I am still at my computer 🙁 blaaahhh!

    I am REALLY big on feeling like I am going to “miss” something important or that I am leaving someone “waiting” on me.

    This may be the case at times, but I know that nothing will crash and no one will die if I step away from my desk by 4 each day and don’t get on until 8 each morning. (sometimes 9)

    I DO spend way too much time at my desk. I also am getting the “shiny objects syndrome” again (thought I kicked this) but then I took your OBM Certification training and my brain instantly “grew larger” and all of a sudden, I am filled with ideas again!

    I will be revisiting these things over the next couple of months and this will NOT be the case come the New Year!

  6. CMColeman

    Tina, thanks for sharing! It’s comforting to know that even *you* have areas to work on and improve.

    Where I need to pick up my socks: I systematize my clients and insist upon automation when possible, SOPs, etc… but I haven’t done the work in my own business or with my own VA.


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