Be a Google for Your Clients

May 16, 2013

A snippet from the lovely little book Money, Meaning & Beyond that I co-wrote with Andrea Lee a few years back…

The fact is people are no longer looking for more information. They’re looking for the perfect piece of information at the precise moment they want it. For the most part, they’re busy, overwhelmed, and just trying to make sense of their world.

And they’re looking for people they trust to find it. In every field of business, they’re looking for people they can look to, to make their life meaningful.

What should I read?
Who should I observe?
What business models work?
How should I dress, decorate, entertain?
Which artists are important? What charities are worthwhile? Which doctor should I see? Should I take that person to court?

Whether you’re a wedding planner or a mortgage broker, if you’re doing a good job in your business, people are already asking you for your opinion.

As a business owner, you have a real opportunity to become a trusted resource for your clients through whatever product or service you offer. At its best, business becomes more than a transaction.

And that’s when you successfully leap from ‘being in business’ to ‘being in a business that matters.’ Businesses that matter elevate the lives of the people around them.

So consider becoming a “Google” for your clients. Don’t just give them information. Give them the right information, filtered for them, and along the way, be sure to tell them what you’re doing. This helps them build the trust bond and increases your value to them.

–end of excerpt

Pretty simple stuff right? Consider for yourself, where can you apply this strategy to your business? What it is that you know already that can be shared at another level?

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  1. Sue Kramer Harrawood

    Thanks Tina! We are encouraging newbie VAs to start off on the right foot doing this. Thank you for confirming what we are teaching!


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