Measures of Success for Entrepreneurs

Feb 21, 2013

How do you know if you are successful or not? Revenue seems to be the main thing people talk about but it actually isn’t that important…


  1. Twebber

    Tina, Great topic and perfect timing. I had the same discussion with two of my clients this week. It is an interesting topic for many new entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to paying themselves.

  2. Pam Christie

    Success is having a team of loving people who genuinely care about the business as much as I do; having ideal clients who value our support and who truly care about us; having the ability to work from home/ enjoy family life/ and “be there” for my 4 teenagers at a time when they really need Mom!! OH ya and considering it PLAY instead of work …. that is success 🙂
    Thank you for recognizing that there is so much more to the definition of success then dollars (although that is a nice bonus)!


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