You gotta date before you get married!

Feb 7, 2013

Dating isn’t just for your personal life – it’s also very important when it comes to outsourcing or adding any kind of long-term player to your team.


  1. Ally E. Peltier

    This is good advice…unfortunately, it’s come too late for me! I don’t find myself in a particularly bad situation, but the OBM and VA I work with now are both my firsts in those categories. I’ve learned a lot, and they’ve been great in a lot of ways. But I wonder sometimes if there’s a better fit for me out there. Would you take your relationship metaphor further and say that you don’t want to spoil a good marriage looking for greener pastures? Or do you have other advice about how you can date “on the side?” Or gently let your current partners know that you just need to see what’s out there?

  2. Sue Harrawood

    Tina, thanks so much for doing this – so needed! I created a coaching program two years ago specificallly for potential clients who are new to virtual. I also wrote an e-book about the process as it is a process as you mention. The more we can all educate folks the better.

  3. Lori Benns

    Love this and can’t agree with you more on this one. You usually know right away but locking in and then trying to break out is not a fun thing. For anyone 🙂


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