Work/Life Balance is BS

Jan 31, 2013

There is so much talk about achieving work/life balance and in my experience it simply isn’t doable all the time…


  1. Serita Norman Diana

    I totally agree Tina. The only balance is it’s a teeter totter. There will always be one side that gets more attention than the other. Hope Lexi is feeling much better.

  2. Hibah

    “Work/life balance” is so cliche, so overworked, just old! Thank you for keeping it real, that it IS about choices.

  3. Ann Babiarz

    Feel better Lexi. Thanks Tina!!

  4. Peggy Champlin

    I think about work/life balance from the wide view. Some days – or even weeks – are all about my life. And there are other days (and weeks) where I’m very focused on work.

    I think the idea is to make sure you have enough of each FOR YOU over the course of the weeks, months, and years. And as you say, make choices that make you happy and give you some of each in the long run.


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