What Conferences I’m Attending this Spring (and Why I Recommend Them)

Jan 24, 2013

I’ll be hitting the road again here this spring attending and speaking at various conferences. Check out today’s video to find out where I’m going (and why) – and perhaps I’ll see you there?

Links to the Conferences I mention in this video:

* This link indicates that it is an affiliate link and I may be paid a commission if you choose to attend.


  1. camilla

    I’m real excited about attending Inside Edge too! Can’t wait to connect with Tina, Tiffany, Michael and anyone else going through the training, certification and / or the mentor ship program!
    See you in DC April 17 – 20th! 🙂

  2. Michael Stetina

    Hi Tina – I’m super excited to be attending Inside Edge. I’m looking forward to learning the new material and meeting you in person for the first time! Also, I’m attending our private Online Business Manager retreat to strengthen my roots in our wonderful community!

  3. Eric

    Hi (again),

    I forgot to add this to my previous post.

    Since you’ve got me realizing there are many different purposes for attending conferences, would it possible for you to include an additional piece of information? Along with what conferences you go to and why you recommend them (content wise), could you add what your purpose is.

    What I mean by that is, are you going purely for content? Are you going because you’re on a panel (you did mention this, thanks)? Looking to reinforce or extend your brand by meeting current clients or future clients? Or other things?

    I might be asking for a lot here, but as business people I believe it would help us be more conscious, more on purpose when we do attend conferences. Since these types of events tend to have a deleterious effect on the office slush fund, it would be awesome to be able to say in qualitative way “That was a good conference”.

    • tinaforsyth

      GREAT question – and so very important to consider ahead of time, I agree. I mostly go to conferences for connecting/networking (say 70%) and then learning (30%). That being said, there are some conferences where I really look forward to learning stuff that is new to me – such as Angelique’s Inside Edge. Plus it’s just darn fun to get out of the house too. 😉

  4. Eric

    Hi Tina,

    Thanks for the great info.

    You really got me thinking differently about conferences in reference to the angles you can approach them at. I used to think of them primarily as a source of information for business, personal or both. But after your video I now see conferences can be utilized (as you point out) for connecting with clients, future clients and such. Networking and mastermind scouting I imagine (haven’t done the live conference thing yet) are an important part of the mix as well.

    So anyway, I love it when someone gets me to see things from a new perspective. It doesn’t happen every day, but I wish it would;)

    BTW, it was great hearing you today on the Systems Q & A call. I listened and learned. And I suppose you could say I was also “studying up” for next Tuesday’s AYG monthly Q & A call. I’m loving the course and look forward to the 1st call.


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