When to say yes to a telesummit speaking invitation

Oct 18, 2012

As your business grows you will be presented with more and more opportunities to speak at telesummits and virtual events. Here’s how I pick what I’m going to say yes to or not…

Would love to hear your thoughts – be sure to post them here, k?


  1. Charles Ogwyn

    Loved the point about limiting your commitment to promote to your list. Being clear about not over committing is huge and is a big part of taking care of your list.

  2. Moxie Entrepreneur

    As always…great advice Tina! Yes, TeleSummit’s are hard. Also- I did my first & Only TeleSummit a couple of years ago and one of the speakers asked me to re-do her hour long interview because she said something about an event and the date had changed. When I was gracious enough to do this… she rescheduled it two times and the 2nd time she cancelled she literally waited until 20 minutes before and posted on Facebook to her audience that she ‘just didn’t feel like working today’. Tele-Summits are a lot of work and organization is the key and who you ask is also very important! Love your videos by the way. Keep it up!

    • tinaforsyth

      ah, love that point… if you are speaking at a telesummit don’t make it hard on the person who is hosting the event. reminds me of that saying “how you do anything is how you do everything…”


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