How I get it all done so quickly

Sep 6, 2012

People always ask me how I am able to do so much in so little time – without working 24/7. Here are my fav tips.

Would love to hear your thoughts – be sure to post them here, k?


  1. Char

    Hey Tina,
    Thanks for sharing those tips! One of my main issues is getting stuff out of my head for sure and it helps to be reminded that thinking about what needs to be done is a time waster – I forgot! AH!

    I set up a Central Desktop account to dump my to do list into a couple weeks ago but I just get overwhelmed when I see the long to-do lists! (and I haven’t logged in since, boo)

    Can you offer any insights as to how to deal with that? (I don’t have a VA yet, is that the only answer?

  2. James

    Great content. Very pleased to find helpful people who still care about the success of others
    and realixe how valuable good info is to their own success.

  3. Laura

    Hi Tina,
    Moving forward – launching my Parent Success Academy on Spetember 21!
    Love your insite, can’t wait for the next video blog.


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