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Aug 22, 2012

As you may know already, I have a new book coming out this November titled The Entrepreneur’s Trap. It’s exploring the answer to the question:

How much do you really need to work in order to be successful?

I see alot of entrepreneurs get stuck in the trap of working way too much, still not getting things done and their business (and life!) suffers for it. This book is all about how to setup your business to run without you so you can make good money without working too hard.

My book designer got some cover options over to me, and to be honest I like them all for different reasons. So I thought I would ask you, of the 3 covers below which do you like best? Just click your choice in the poll after the graphics, and if you want to share specific thoughts please share in the comments. Thanks!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:


  1. Ally E. Peltier

    Tina, you’re right to be concerned that #1 won’t appeal to men. It’s an extremely feminine cover, and not just because of the illustration. More importantly, it just doesn’t convey “business.” Even though they’re all attractive, I voted for #2 for a few reasons:

    1. It’s less “cutesy” than the others, which conveys a sense of professionalism important to a business book.

    2. The title includes a better subtitle/reading line in a highly visible spot: “Setting up your business to run without you” is a key promise, and it’s very enticing. More than the subtitle featured on the other two covers, this one is specific and unique to what the reader will learn in this book.

    3. I imagine that your initial sales and possibly the bulk of your sales overall will come from your own list and the lists of those who are familiar with you. Therefore, featuring your name prominently at the top is more likely to catch the attention of people familiar with you than focusing on the title, which is a bit generic and unspecific. In any case, this configuration won’t hurt you with those who don’t know your name, and it can only help with those who do.

    4. A minor consideration, but if you can get a great endorsement from a big name author, this cover gives you a great spot to highlight it.

    On a related note, for the love of the grammar gods, add a serial comma if you go with the subtitle in #1 or #3! ;-P

  2. Rommy Kirby

    I like option 1 the best on this page. But when I saw the options in the email, I liked option 3 because I could immediately see the title. How it looks on on a book store shelf is something to consider. I agree, she should be walking towards the right. The title box is ‘meh’. I do like the sub-title “How to stop working….”.

  3. Patty

    Like #1–but HATE the bikini.

  4. StephBBS

    Option 2 is THE BEST. If number one is
    getting all the votes, then see if most of those voters are possibly men. 🙂 The line
    “Setting Up Your Business To Run Without You” definitely caught my
    eye. Verbally and visually Option 2 sends the clearest and best message regarding
    what the book is about. I, as a female, would buy Option 2 book; I would not buy Option 1
    book. Thanks for all the great emails and good luck with the book!

  5. Karen

    I love option #1, I would love to see “Setting the business to run without you” on option 1. And of course, I think keeping your brand colors (or a hint of vibrancy) will bring the book alive! I love it – option 1! You inspire me, BTW 🙂

  6. Vicki Childs

    Hi Tina
    Looks like 1 may be the front runner so far! I just wanted to point out that it looks a lot like the old logo of the Suitcase Entrepreneur (Natalie Sisson’s website.) She’s recently changed her branding though so it might be ok. Might be worth checking that she doesn’t have any legacy material out there with that logo though (it was a silhouette of a woman pulling a suitcase behind her.)
    Hope this helps!

    • Karlene

      Yes, I said the same thing about Option 1, it looks like Natalie’s old logo

    • tinaforsyth

      ah – thanks for letting me know ladies. i’m not familiar with Natalie so I hadn’t realized that.

  7. Hope

    Tina, the first one really pops! It is hip and current and makes you want more. The second, I feel, looks too commercial and has been done and the third is too flat. Good luck! I love what you are doing.

    • Karlene

      Yes, the second one is a no-go. It’s not sexy.

  8. Tamara

    One IS eye catching, but I don’t like the straight line aimed at the woman’s neck, nor the sense of how divided she is by the vertical.
    Three is rather brutal, poor little puppet!. Nasty big sharp scissors!
    Both One and three use a negative command “Stop” while Two uses the equivalent of “How to make it work for you” – much more positive.

    My vote is clearly for Two for all the above reasons.

  9. Alvaro

    Seems to me the graphics & subtitles in all three say more about the content in the book than the title does.

    Springing Out of The Entrepeneur’s TrapWorking too Much?Automate/Systemize Your Business and Take Back Your Time to Enjoy Life!
    Escaping the Entrepeneur’s TrapIs Your Business Working YOU too Much?Automate/Systemize IT and Take Back Your Time to Enjoy Life!
    Option 1 as it seems to clearly define your target market and show the purpose of the book. Perhaps a mirrored image would be more forward looking.

  10. Sherri Hayter

    Hi Tina,
    I like option 2 the best because of its realism – I can see myself in that cover and I also like the boldness of it. and the way your name is floating over the water like the business systems Mesiah!

  11. Michael Stetina

    Hi Tina – I chose #2 because the tagline “Setting Up Your Business to Run Without You” is clearly prominent. I also think that line is more definitive than the “How to Stop Working…” one is.

  12. DrTomHanson

    One is eye catching — as a guy my eye was drawn to it for some reason… Consider — should she be walking left to right (the way we read, and NLP people say the future is to our right); I think the title font could pop a bit more.

    • tinaforsyth

      Thanks for this feedback, even though it seems to be the top pick for most my main concern with #1 is that it won’t appeal to men… unless they want to join her on the beach, LOL. And interesting re: the NLP stuff and the direction, hadn’t thought of that before.

  13. Keldie

    I love Option #1. I speaks to me the most. I think because it looks like it is empowering to women.

  14. Nicole Redl Jenkins

    I went with #2… maybe mostly because the beach in that hammock is where I want to be!!

  15. Terry Green

    Wow … difficult for me. I like both 1 and 2, for very different reasons. I think if I had to choose based on the professional look of the cover … #2 would win.

  16. Ericka

    The one thing I did notice is that none of the above feature your cool colour scheme of Purple and Orange. 😉

    • tinaforsyth

      i thought about that too ericka – i would tweak to those colors for sure, love me some purple!

  17. Dori

    Tina, LOVE cover #1. Can’t wait to read your new book. *Note that Entrepreneur’s is mis-spelled in cover #1 & #3 – missing the first r 🙂

    • tinaforsyth

      LOL – too funny Dori, I totally didn’t see those spelling errors… thank goodness for your eagle eyes.

  18. Karri Flatla

    Option 1 speaks to both my marketing brain AND my heart (as a potential client/reader). Go for it! Can’t wait to read your new book Tina!


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