What I did in NYC last weekend

Jun 14, 2012

It’s amazing what happens when you get into a room full of like-minded peers ready to rock the world! :)

Would love to hear your thoughts – be sure to post them here, k?


  1. Cindy Greenway

    WOOOHOOOO can’t wait to see you on the best-seller list!!!     Can’t wait to get a signed copy! :-)

    I do not believe you didn’t go shopping!!!

  2. Sherri Hayter

    I have nooooo doubt you’ll be on the Best Seller List Tina!  You rock and your light is so bright –  I so look forward to getting your emails in my inbox.  Thank you for bringing light to this subject too – it does get lonely and you’ve given me food for thought.  Much love to you Tina!

  3. Amber

    Tina! I can TOTALLY see you on the Best Seller List! You go girl :)


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