Prioritizing Your Day (what to do first?)

May 10, 2012

Let’s face it – you (and your team) have a mountain of stuff to do most days and it can be really hard to prioritize what needs to be done first, second, third, etc.

Here’s how we like to prioritize things in our business, and quite honestly if we don’t do these things first I get annoyed. 😉

  • Take care of clients – without clients, you don’t have a business, so make sure that you (and your team!) are always checking in with your clients each day however that makes sense for you and your business. It could mean responding to their emails, checking into your client forums, making a phone call to reach out to someone, etc.
  • Take care of the money – anything that has to do with money needs to come next. That could be processing a payment, following up with a potential client who is ready to buy or following up with someone on an overdue payment.
  • Send out broadcasts – communication is the heart of your business. This can include “external” communications to your list, such as sending a promotional email as part of a launch. This also includes “internal” emails, such as an email to your clients reminding them of a call tomorrow in the program they joined. I believe that most people don’t communicate enough (especially with existing clients!) and so we put a big focus on this.
  • Check off completed tasks – we are big on using Central Desktop* to manage all the projects and tasks in our business, and it’s really important that everyone on the team is checking into CD to mark tasks as “complete” throughout the day (at least once a day). This gives us an accurate snapshot of where things are at and minimizes the need to “chase people down” for stuff.

This is what is important to me – your priorities might be a bit different. The thing is that you want to share this with your team so that they will focus on what is important to you as their first priorities each day.

Thoughts & comments?


  1. Gail Doby

    Hi Tina…agreed with the priorities, and of course #1 assumes you’re including sales with that.  

  2. Joellyn Schwerdlin

    What a wonderful, simplified checklist…I printed it out and posted it next to my computer monitor as a daily reminder!

  3. Nancy Seeger

    Hi Tina

    I love this post and the clarity this puts on each day – I also like to pick 3 business building items that are my most pressing so that I can fill in an spare time (LOL)  with those items


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