Is your business having a mid-life crisis?

May 4, 2012

I’ve certainly had a few of my own along the way – how about you?

Watch my video re: this topic:

Thoughts & comments?


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  1. Dougmattice

    Great video. I have been doing photography for 25 years part time and was getting burnt out. I decided to cut back and start a coaching business for photographers who were struggling with the business side of photography. I have gotten a few clients but it has definitely been a struggle compared to taking photographs.
    I am now in a situation where I am not getting enough photography clients because most of my existing clients have children who are older now so the need for photography has diminished. Many are taking there own digital photographs versus having their portraits done professionally. So now I feel like I am having to struggle keeping BOTH businesses alive which is causing frustration and more long hours.
    Any thoughts on how to get out of this crisis?


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